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Death Rally in-game images modifications by Simo

Hi to all,

User Simo continues his great work and now shows us a few images of his Death Rally image modifications.

At this moments Simo is be able to extract images (bpk files)from bpa files, modify it, and store in the bpa file. The results are shown in the nexts images:

image 1

image 2


My expectations are very hight about Simo’s work because he is doing a great work in this hard hard work of modifing Death Rally image files.

Also you can follow Simo’s updates on

Death Rally Shareware/Full version savegame in detail

Hi to all,

As user Simo develops a savegame editor (great utility!) based on my investigations of the Death Rally executable I want to publish the format of the savegames in the full and shareware version.

Savegame files are crypted using the first byte of the file.

The file structure is:

Offset (byte) Size (bytes) Information
0 1 Crypt key
1 1 Driver id
2 1 Use weapons (true-false)
3 1 Dificulty (1-3)
4 15 Savegame name
19 108*20 Drivers’s data

Driver’s data is as follows:

Offset (byte) Size (bytes) Information
0 12 Name
12 4 Damage
16 4 Engine upgrade (0-4)
20 4 Tyre upgrade (0-4)
24 4 Armour upgrade (0-4)
28 4 Car type(0-5)
32 4 ?
36 4 ?
40 4 ?
44 4 Colour
48 4 Money
52 4 Loan Type
56 4 Loan races left
60 4 Actual car value
64 4 Face id
68 4 Points
72 4 Rank
76 4 Races won
80 4 Total races
84 4 Last race income
88 4 Total income
92 4 Mines purchased (number of mines)
96 4 Spikes purchased
100 4 Rocket purchased
104 4 Sabotage purchased

The main diference between shareware and full version it is that full version savegame is a 2179 bytes file while shareware savegame occupies 2195 bytes. The only difference are the extra bytes that the shareware version has.

To know how to decrypt the full version file see

In order to crypt the full version file you can use:

To know how to decrypt the shareware file see Shareware savegame decryptor

In order to crypt the shareware file you can use: Sahreware savegame crypt


Marathon Race in Death Rally!

Hi to all,

Due to the decompilation phase of the Death Rally executable I modified few thing to allow us to play a marathon race in Death Rally!. This race have 20 laps and is very interesting because one fail doesn’t destroy your race. Be carefull of enemy weapons because 20 laps can be endless.

Here is the video that demostrates it:

In few weeks I will publish a game launcher that allow us to modify race laps and more!.


Do you want to play a race with the adversary car?


As we have and savegame editor for Death Rally, and tools are stating to grow, we can test things that years ago can’t.

Last weekend I started an investigation to know if it is posible to play with the adversar car, and know how it feels driving this amazing car. I see a youtube video in wich a player uses the adversary car in the shareware version. The savegame was available, but unfortunatelly, if works only in the shareware version.

At this moment, I inspected the shareware and the full version executable to bring light to this problem and know in wich cases the executable give the adversary car to the player ­čÖé .┬á In the first moments I think it could be very hard find out the situation to get the adversary car, but with a little time a see the solution.

Here is this savegame to play as the adversary car in the full version!. You can only play one race but I think this is interesting. Now we can feel what the adversary feels when you race against him.


Download the Adversary mod totally free

Download the Adversary mod sharing a few cycles of CPU to mantain this web

Download the Adversary modification with a medium collaboration of CPU cycles to maintain this web

Download the Adversary modification with a high collaboration of CPU cycles to maintain this web


Here is the youtube video wich demostrates it.

View the video in youtube

In the next week I’ll explain with more detail how it works this solution.

Enjoy it!!


F1 2018 Savegame mod for Death Rally

Hi to all!,

As the start of F1 championship is near in time, I like to share a savegame modification for Death Rally in wich you can play against Lewis Hamilton, Sebatian Vettel or Fernando Alonso!.

The clasification is equal as the result of the 2017 championship, but the team performance is taken from the preseason test sessions in Barcelona, so we can spect a better 2018 Mclaren than 2017.

Driver face image can be repeated because at this moment we can’t change the faces to substitute with the real faces.

The difficulty I’ve selected is ┬źPetrol in my veins┬╗, because F1 is hard, very hard.

To use this savegame, simply copy the file in your Death Rally directory and enjoy!.

You can select one this 4 download links, the first is totally free, and the others donate some of your CPU cycles to maintain this website.

F1 2018 Mod Totally free

F1 2018 Mod with little colaboration

F1 2018 Mod with medium colaboration

F1 2018 Mod with hight colaboration


Do you want a Death Rally Card Game?


As I answer a user comment last weeks, I have a lot of ideas to continue this project (the decompiling and programing phase is continuing of course). One of my favourite ideas is to create a card game based on Death Rally.

In this game you select one driver with his habilities, you can upgrade your car, buy new cars …. I want to make a game with the base of Death Rally.

My idea is to make questions about this game to make the game the community want :).

So, I make this poll to know if all of you want a game like this.

I hope you like the idea :).

Here are a few screenshots of the current status:

image6435  image821-1

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Death Rally sabotage in detail

In this section of curiosities I want to explain a few secret of Death Rally. Today is the day of the sabotage!

Most of you want to know when and how sabotage screen apears. Well, due to the disasembling phase I’ve started months ago, I answer this questions.

– The sabotage affects to the driver with more points of your race.
– The sabotage is 25% of durability plus a random number between 0 and 25, so the perfect sabotage is 50% and the worst is 25% :(.
– There’s no sabotage on shareware version!
– There’s no sabotage on multiplayer game
– There’s no sabotage when you are the driver with more points in the race.



The next post I will write about the Steriods screen

Death Rally savegame editor!

Great news form Simo developer. He has developed a Death Rally savegame editor!

I paste Simo’s comments:

Usage: copy file into DR folder and launch it.

Known bugs: for certain values of key byte (maybe less than 64?), savegame loads odd values. Try to save game from DR again and reload file into editor.

Remarks and considerations :

– if you assign a Vagabond to all drivers, you can have fun things such as, for example, Bogus Bill, Cher Stone and Duke Nukem in the same Hard Race.

– Mines value: to my surprise┬á:)┬áthis value isn’t yes/no, but the number of mines available in race. I’ve tried with 16 and yes, I’ve managed to use 16 mines in race! (they are also visible on screen!)

Edit: Screenshot

Italian Version :

English Version :


P.D. Great news are ocurring in the Death Rally ecosystem ­čÖé . Not too far I will publish more fresh news.

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