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Dreerally: translations

Hi to all,

Today I have uploaded a new funcionality to the repo: the i18n subsystem. This is a basic implementation but allow people to do their our translations.

Here is the way to add a new language:

  • Create a new file under lang directory, for example langBr.txt. Please, follow this name lang%locale%.txt
  • Add your entries to this file. You can copy from langEs.txt
  • Launch dreerally.exe with the parameter -lang=langBr to use your translation.
  • If everything goes well, please, do a merge request to the project 🙂

Also I fix some small issues in the menu and new game screen.



Source code Released!


As I promissed I have released the dreerally source code to public. This is the exact point wich allow me to release the code, because all subssystems are decompiled and understable.

With this step the project is converted into a community project that allows people to open issues (i would like this from you), collaborate with the project fixing issues or adding new things.

With this scenario I would like to have a more proffesional project wich allows all of you to know what kind of things will be in the next release, and of course, take part on this decisions.

Have a nice day.

Death Rally projects

Hi to all,

Death rally is not death, and it appears that 2019 will be the most exciting year since the launch of the game in 1996 and the release for windows years ago.

A lot of projects are open and are have updates very often.

I start with the Death rally editor ( his author, Simone, tries to do an editor for this amazing game. Now, we can edit the savegames (great utility for the development of dreerally), bpa extract/compress tool and image decryptor.  Simone is doing a great job and in the future we expect image swaping and the hability to modify/create new circuits (this could be awesome! and will give a new life to this game).

The second project is drally ( His author, urpx, has decompiled the classic dos version of the game and tries to generate the assembler version. This is the younger project but it appears to have great development speed.

The third project is Death rally launcher. At this moment this project is death in favour of dreerally. This project allow us to change the number of laps of a race, but this kind of this will be very easy to configurate in dreerally (via mods or something similar).

And the last one is Dreerally. This project started in 2016 with the idea to learn how to use debugger and other tools like Ida, but with some time results appears and dreerally become a real project with objetives.

In dreerally the main idea is to have the same game that Death Rally in a higth level programming language. With this scenario we will add more features like traslation,multiplayer, mods, new circuits…. and all things we can imagine.

At this moment all kind of files are decompiled and its format is undertand (you can see in the wiki of the project i guthub), and you can complete a race with a los of issues but from my point of view, these issues are not very important (are easier to resolve that the 3dsystem or the music effects subsystem).

The project advances very quickly, think that one year ago the race environment was not implemented, we had no intro video,  we had no sound effects, so develop speed is nice at this moment.

In this months of 2019 and 2020, my plan is to open the project to the comunity to increase this speed and receive the feedback of people to resolve the game issues (i know it, there are a lot 🙂 ), but the idea is to have a funcional game in the next year.

I have no more to say, but I am very happy with this scenario because i am a great fan of the classic Death rally.


Sound Effect System reimplemented

Hi to all,

Today i have very great news about dreerally. Last week i finally ended the reimplementation of the sound effects system!

I think this was one of the most difficult task in dreerally for now. The sound effect system is based is the know minifmod development to load all xm files. Each sound effect system file is crypted (why?) and then have a lot of sounds that are loaded. Each sound effect system file is loaded in one channel, so we can have up to 32 files loaded in memory (nowadays is not a problem because memory are much bigger). Inside each file there are a lot of sounds that are loaded as instruments in minifmod.

Then there are a few tricks to calculate the correct frecuency of the sound and the volume, probably this solution is not perfect and need a little tweak, but for now is enought.

So, with this update I can say that ALL asset files are decompiled (may there is some bug) :), whe are near to the Shrieker phase when we can start modding, traslating and more.

The next step is to publish the source code (I need time to reorder things and allow people to use vstudio o mingw compiler, maybe it can be compiled under linux). At this time we can create issues, month releases, and people can colaborate with this amazing project.

From my point of view, at now, there is no reason to think that this project will be not concluded. From last summer to now I afford the mos complicated task involving, sound effect system, 3d system, animation system, all track files interpretation and the possibility to drive a race.

Probably at this point I will need some people to test the game and report issues because, probsbly this people will be more critic than me 🙂

At last, I only want that at this moment I have the all information of assets (music,effects,tracks,anims,textures), most of it were published months ago, but if someone is planning to develop a death rally(dreerally) new tracks or some stuff you can ask me what you need. Maybe I will publish a version in wich you can put your asset without crypt to make your task easier.

I hope you enjoy this article and follow updates of this great game on

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