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Dreerally development is back!

Hi to all!,

Much time from the last updates of dreerally.

At this moment I move the development phase to Shrieker because all logic is recognized, and we need to start fixing bugs and refactor code (a lot!).

Now I’m focus in the menus of the game, I increase the stability of them and I start to fix some typographic and graphic errors to have a version near the original one.

Also, now it can be a good idea to open issues in github to solve them in order. Feel free to open what you want, the only requesite is to put clear information and things not very big. For example: «In the driver’s license page, the name of the driver is not well written».

As always I show some screenshots:

The main objetive of the project is possible and near 🙂



«Listen to True Tom. I tell no lies»

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