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Death Rally editor version 0.5 released!

Many days have passed since the last post.

This has been because I have changed the hosting where the page was hosted to support more traffic.

Apart from this, we have good news for everyone. The user Simone has returned to improve his Death Rally editor, this time he has released version 0.5.

This version includes some improvements, such as knowing the size of the images in the game.

I attached an image: And finally the link where Simone publishes the editor.

As always, we thank Simone for the work he is doing.


Death rally editor v 0.3.1 released!

Hello everyone,

Today, as has been the custom lately, we have good news for all the fans of the Death Rally game.

Simo has updated its editor again, this time to version 0.3.1, which is much more refined and is much easier to use. Now we can not say that we can not change textures in this game.

I leave the download link:




Death Rally Editor v0.1.1

Hi to all,

Simone has updated his Death Rally editor to the version 0.1.1.

This version has the feature that allow auto updating!.

Thanks to Simone for this development.



Death Rally editor!

Hi to all,

This day is a very special day for Death Rally fans!. Few hour ago I published the Death Rally Launcher that allow us to change the easy race lenght and now Simone has published an editor for the game!.

It is an alpha edition but, BPA and BKP extract/decrypt is possible!, so we can extract circuit images and more.

Thanks to Simone for this development.





Death Rally savegame editor!

Great news form Simo developer. He has developed a Death Rally savegame editor!

I paste Simo’s comments:

Usage: copy file into DR folder and launch it.

Known bugs: for certain values of key byte (maybe less than 64?), savegame loads odd values. Try to save game from DR again and reload file into editor.

Remarks and considerations :

– if you assign a Vagabond to all drivers, you can have fun things such as, for example, Bogus Bill, Cher Stone and Duke Nukem in the same Hard Race.

– Mines value: to my surprise :) this value isn’t yes/no, but the number of mines available in race. I’ve tried with 16 and yes, I’ve managed to use 16 mines in race! (they are also visible on screen!)

Edit: Screenshot

Italian Version :

English Version :


P.D. Great news are ocurring in the Death Rally ecosystem 🙂 . Not too far I will publish more fresh news.

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