Death rally editor v 0.3.1 released!

Hello everyone,

Today, as has been the custom lately, we have good news for all the fans of the Death Rally game.

Simo has updated its editor again, this time to version 0.3.1, which is much more refined and is much easier to use. Now we can not say that we can not change textures in this game.

I leave the download link:




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  • Simone says:

    Thank you very much Enrique!

    Another tiny «update» from last evening and known bug/issue/consideration about BPKs :

    Many BPKs are single images (eg Faces,Tshapes), so they’re extracted correctly.

    Some others are single images composed by its sprites (eg cursor,letters), so they’re also extracted correctly.

    But the few remaining images are animated images, therefore for now only first sprite of animation is extracted to BMP. In this tiny «update» you should now see them with an asterisk in bold next to button «Manage BPK» (if you have interface in English).

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