Death Rally in-game images modifications by Simo

Hi to all,

User Simo continues his great work and now shows us a few images of his Death Rally image modifications.

At this moments Simo is be able to extract images (bpk files)from bpa files, modify it, and store in the bpa file. The results are shown in the nexts images:

image 1

image 2


My expectations are very hight about Simo’s work because he is doing a great work in this hard hard work of modifing Death Rally image files.

Also you can follow Simo’s updates on

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  • Simone says:

    Hi Enrique!

    First of all, thank you very much for this post and for your trust.

    One little thing, the page on the AdvAnced Studios website (board) is different, I’m preparing a forum topic for this editor project (savegame editor, maybe image editor and maybe track editor if feasible, I don’t know yet).

    Also, without patching executable file, it’s more difficult to mod game

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