Death Rally savegame editor!

Great news form Simo developer. He has developed a Death Rally savegame editor!

I paste Simo’s comments:

Usage: copy file into DR folder and launch it.

Known bugs: for certain values of key byte (maybe less than 64?), savegame loads odd values. Try to save game from DR again and reload file into editor.

Remarks and considerations :

– if you assign a Vagabond to all drivers, you can have fun things such as, for example, Bogus Bill, Cher Stone and Duke Nukem in the same Hard Race.

– Mines value: to my surprise :) this value isn’t yes/no, but the number of mines available in race. I’ve tried with 16 and yes, I’ve managed to use 16 mines in race! (they are also visible on screen!)

Edit: Screenshot

Italian Version :

English Version :


P.D. Great news are ocurring in the Death Rally ecosystem 🙂 . Not too far I will publish more fresh news.

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