This project is stored in a GIT repository:

This is a colaborative project so fell free to contribute with your Pull Request and open issues.

The main object of this project is reimplementing the death rally engine with all of his features. But in the future I’d like to add more functionalities so, I think this is a 6 phase project.

VagabondPhase 1: Vagabond (Completed)

This is the initial phase that involves only adquiring the basic knowlegde of the Death Rally file format.

  • Know BPA file fomat 
  • Know HAF file fomat 
  • Know BPK file fomat
  • Know PAL file fomat
  • Know CMF music file fomat


Phase 2: Dervish (Completed)

  • Implement the game menus.
  • Implement all the logic except the races. (It involves, savegames, config files…)
  • Know Tracks file fomat


Phase 3: Sentinel(completed

  • Know CMF sound effect file fomat
  • Reimplement the 3d engine.
  • Implement the race logic.
  • Add the videos system.
  • Ligthing system
  • Circuit specific textures.
  • Add sound system.


Phase 4: Shrieker

At this moment we will have a full non functional game 🙂 so, it’s time to fix errors and think

  • Fix all errors in the other phases.
  • Refactor the code for better mantain.
  • Start porting game to other platforms.


Phase 5: Wraith

  • Add new weapons.
  • Add new car colors.
  • Modify the race laps.
  • Add new type of races, like marathon races.
  • Modify the driver faces.


Phase 6: Deliverator

The last phase. It doesn’t mean that development will finish on that moment. Probably I will have more ideas and people tha colaborate in this project wants to evolve more and more.

  • Add more circuits.
  • Add multiplayer game!
  • Add more cars.
  • Add more drivers!.
  • Translate the game to more languages.
  • Add more difficulty levels. (After all, the game is not very difficult even on the most difficult level).