Do you want to play a race with the adversary car?


As we have and savegame editor for Death Rally, and tools are stating to grow, we can test things that years ago can’t.

Last weekend I started an investigation to know if it is posible to play with the adversar car, and know how it feels driving this amazing car. I see a youtube video in wich a player uses the adversary car in the shareware version. The savegame was available, but unfortunatelly, if works only in the shareware version.

At this moment, I inspected the shareware and the full version executable to bring light to this problem and know in wich cases the executable give the adversary car to the player 🙂 .  In the first moments I think it could be very hard find out the situation to get the adversary car, but with a little time a see the solution.

Here is this savegame to play as the adversary car in the full version!. You can only play one race but I think this is interesting. Now we can feel what the adversary feels when you race against him.


Download the Adversary mod totally free

Download the Adversary mod sharing a few cycles of CPU to mantain this web

Download the Adversary modification with a medium collaboration of CPU cycles to maintain this web

Download the Adversary modification with a high collaboration of CPU cycles to maintain this web


Here is the youtube video wich demostrates it.

View the video in youtube

In the next week I’ll explain with more detail how it works this solution.

Enjoy it!!


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