DreeRally: 3d system implemented!

Hi all!

As is always happening in recent weeks, the advances in the future are still many :).

This time the part I have reimplimented is the 3d system in the race. This system consists of 3D elements and textures that are painted on some of these objects.

The truth is to see the «simplicity» of the solution, since the 3d objects are only polygons painted in one color and in the upper part a texture is incorporated, the solution looks very good.

After several weeks of work with a lot of help from Simone (thank you very much) we have been able to understand how it works and thus be able to reimplement it (it is at 99%).

I leave a video of how the development is currently:

Throughout the following days, the specification of the 3d system files of the game will be added to the project wiki.

Greetings to all.

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  • Simone says:

    Awesome news and good work!You are welcome. For my editing purposes I miss something in placing objects in correct position on track and/or extract some object correctly. So I’ll wait for your wiki.

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