DreeRally on Linux!

Hi to all,

Long time have passed since the last update, but waiting has ended.

These months I was involved in the portability feature to allow enjoy Dreerally in other platforms like Linux.

As Dreerally use SDL1.2 and FMOD 3.75 I suppose that it could be ported easily, but not. The first problem was compiling the source code, it had a los of windows references in some include files like windows.h, so I try to select imports via compilation variables 🙂 .

The next problem was that I wasn’t able to make a correct Makefile because libraries are not included well. In this situation Neuromancer helped me to compile well under Travis CI using a 64 bit Ubuntu machine.

Then I need to change a few pointer (there are a lot of errors) and Dreerally starts!

At this moment it is a preliminar version but it the next days I try to merge this feature-portability branch with the 0.2.x version and close this version.

The next step probably gives me the oportunity to solve a lot of errors on windows, code refactoring, code syntax validation and more.

As always, I share a small video running Dreerally on Linux.



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