F1 2018 Savegame mod for Death Rally

Hi to all!,

As the start of F1 championship is near in time, I like to share a savegame modification for Death Rally in wich you can play against Lewis Hamilton, Sebatian Vettel or Fernando Alonso!.

The clasification is equal as the result of the 2017 championship, but the team performance is taken from the preseason test sessions in Barcelona, so we can spect a better 2018 Mclaren than 2017.

Driver face image can be repeated because at this moment we can’t change the faces to substitute with the real faces.

The difficulty I’ve selected is «Petrol in my veins», because F1 is hard, very hard.

To use this savegame, simply copy the file in your Death Rally directory and enjoy!.

You can select one this 4 download links, the first is totally free, and the others donate some of your CPU cycles to maintain this website.

F1 2018 Mod Totally free

F1 2018 Mod with little colaboration

F1 2018 Mod with medium colaboration

F1 2018 Mod with hight colaboration


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