DreeRally update: powerups in race

Hi all, After a time of research on how power ups work in a race, I can say and show how it works in Dreerally.

At the moment there are small bugs, easily remedied, since the way in which power ups are managed in Death Rally is easy and clear.

I attached a small video:

a greeting

Death Rally editor version 0.5 released!

Many days have passed since the last post.

This has been because I have changed the hosting where the page was hosted to support more traffic.

Apart from this, we have good news for everyone. The user Simone has returned to improve his Death Rally editor, this time he has released version 0.5.

This version includes some improvements, such as knowing the size of the images in the game.

I attached an image: And finally the link where Simone publishes the editor.

As always, we thank Simone for the work he is doing.



Huge update.

Hello everyone,

After a few weeks without writing anything about the project, I am pleased to show you the progress I am making in the races.

At this time we can play full races. This confirms my theory about the vai.bpk file of the circuits, which are used to be able to know at what point you are in the circuit and thus to know in which position you go in the race. At the moment it remains to understand the file sce (this is a complicated task), sha, ohi and confirm my theory about the file LR1.

There is, of course, a need to rewrite the AI module, the entire collision subsystem, the powerups and the behavior of the mines, spikes, rockets …

The most important thing is that the development continues and every time I start to have more clear how everything works.

A greeting

First in race video!

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to be able to show you this simple or small video in which you can see the progress of the development.

This time we can see the images of how the vision is in the race!

Death rally editor v 0.3.1 released!

Hello everyone,

Today, as has been the custom lately, we have good news for all the fans of the Death Rally game.

Simo has updated its editor again, this time to version 0.3.1, which is much more refined and is much easier to use. Now we can not say that we can not change textures in this game.

I leave the download link:






Phase 3 Sentinel Reached!

Today we have good news, The development phase has evolved to phase 3 (sentinel)! .

From this point we can say that we leave behind phase two of the development that has taken a long time, but that involves knowing the configuration files, savegames, track records, hall of fame and above all, knowing how the circuits work and are defined (Many files are involved).

I put a couple of videos for you to see the progress in development. It should be noted that there are many bugs to be corrected, but I am happy that all the menus are playable and only need a few small adjustments.

In the following weeks I will explain each type of file that make up the circuits (inf, bpk, vai, lr1 …).

But now let’s focus on phase 3 (luckily the other phase is past). This phase has as main objective to get a full playable version !. It mainly remains to know the format of the videos, sounds and sound effects. But probably the most complicated task will be the reimplementation of the graphic engine for the races to be able to implement the logic of the races.

As always I invite you to follow the blog to see the news in the development and the format of the files and I also encourage you to leave your comments, improvements … which are appreciated 🙂

Death Rally Editor v0.1.1

Hi to all,

Simone has updated his Death Rally editor to the version 0.1.1.

This version has the feature that allow auto updating!.

Thanks to Simone for this development.


Link: https://www.advancedstudios.it/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-editor-completo-death-rally/

Death Rally config file

I think the file dr.cfg is the only file in this game that there is not crypted!

The structure is as follows:

Offset (byte) Size (bytes) Information
0 4 Master volume
4 4 Music volume
8 4 ?
12 4 Difficulty
16 4 Use joystick
20 4 ?
24 4 ?
28 4 ?
32 4 ?
36 4 ?
40 1 ?
41 4 ?
45 4 ?
49 4 ?
53 4 ?
57 4 ?
61 1 ?
62 4 ?
66 4 ?
70 4 ?
74 4 ?
78 2592 Circuit record
2670 200 Hall of fame record
2870 4 Acceletate key
2874 4 Brake key
2878 4 Left steering key
2882 4 Right steering key
2886 4 Turbo key
2890 4 Gun key
2894 4 Mine key
2898 4 Horn key
2902 4 Acceletate gamepad key
2906 4 Brake gamepad key
2910 4 Left steering gamepad key
2914 4 Right steering gamepad key
2918 4 Turbo gamepad key
2922 4 Gun gamepad key
2926 4 Mine gamepad key
2930 4 Horn gamepad key
2934 4 Times played

Death Rally Launcher v

Here is the fix version of the Deasth Rally Launcher!,

Last version need the file dr.exe in some fixed directory (my absolute path :(), and now the launcher tries to load the Death Rally executable from the same directory you put it.


The version have this funcionalities:

  • Easy race laps modification


  • Death Rally windows version.
  • Install the executable in the same directory of the game.


I hope you use this utility and feel free to request new functionalities!

Death Rally editor!

Hi to all,

This day is a very special day for Death Rally fans!. Few hour ago I published the Death Rally Launcher that allow us to change the easy race lenght and now Simone has published an editor for the game!.

It is an alpha edition but, BPA and BKP extract/decrypt is possible!, so we can extract circuit images and more.

Thanks to Simone for this development.



Link: https://www.advancedstudios.it/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-editor-completo-death-rally/


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